King Size White Bed Skirt With 18 Inch Drop

king size white bed skirt with 18 inch dropWant what’s under your bed hidden?

There’s a solution.

A king size white bed skirt with an 18-inch drop is a great way to hide a bed’s box spring and what’s lurking under it. And, if it reaches all the way to the floor it can minimize dust that gathers under the bed. It’s also known as dust skirt.

A bed skirt is often an overlooked bed accent. We tend to give more attention to comforters, sheets, duvets, shams and pillows. But such a little addition will bring a big aesthetic benefit to your bedroom.

I used to debate whether to use bed skirts because I thought our wooden beds are better exposed. But when I saw my aunt’s bedroom, I went gaga. Covering the sides and foot of her bed is this lovely drape that matches the headboard.

I realized it is a simple way to add color, pattern and texture to a bedroom’s decor and look. And, the best part is I don’t see what’s under the bed!

I remember thinking that’ll make for a prime storage. ‘Ya know when you get tired of picking up toys and books and gadget cables and chargers. You just shove them under the bed and voila! The room looks neat. Quick fix.

Aside from thinking wood should be exposed, I also thought our beds are “un-skirtable”. But since I envy my aunt’s bed with it’s awesome skirt, I searched around and found out that any bed can wear a skirt. It’s just a matter of finding a way.

A white bed skirt is safe because it matches any bedding color. It doesn’t have to be plain boring white. Some have trims and pipings for a dash of color. One with a long drop like 18 inches will also keep dust from settling under. Although, this really depends on how tall your bed is.

Bed skirts come in varying styles, colors, patterns and textures. Styles can be ruffled, pleated or flat. They can be of one solid color, accented, plaid or printed.

If you are debating whether to skirt your bed or not, here are some photos of beds with skirts and those with none. See the difference.

These five pretty white bed skirts are good choices for any bed.

Louisa King White Bed Skirt 18-inch drop
Louisa White Bed Skirt design by Pine Cone Hill

Petite Trellis King Size White Bed Skirt design with 18 inch drop
Petite Trellis White Matelassé Bed Skirt Design by Pine Cone Hill

Savannah Whit Linen Gauze King Bed Skirt 18 inch drop
Savannah Linen Gauze White Bed Skirt design by Pine Cone Hill

Classic Hemstitch White Bed Skirt with 18 inch drop king
Classic Hemstitch White Bed Skirt design by Pine Cone Hill

Classic Ruffle King Size White Bed skirt 18 inch drop
Classic Ruffle White Bed Skirt design by Pine Cone Hill

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