Pendant Light For Kitchen Island

pendant light for kitchen island
A carefully chosen pendant light for a kitchen island will help you with your tasks whilst being the gem of your kitchen.

Choosing a lighting for your kitchen island will depend on you what you want to achieve and certain factors in your kitchen.

Your kitchen’s lighting should first be functional. Imagine if you have this gorgeous pendant light yet you have to squint to do your tasks. A blinding light is also not good.

Some factors which are important to consider are the amount of light from natural sources, the height of your ceiling, what areas you want illuminated. Do you need a focused light or do you want some to spread up and sideways?

If you already have enough light from other sources then a pedant light for your kitchen island is only for adding flair.

With the number of choices available, you can have both beauty and function. These five gorgeous designs will bring light and beauty to your kitchen.

Elsa 5 Light Kitchen Island Pendant
Elsa 5 Light Kitchen Island Pendant


Irene 3 Light Kitchen Island Pendant
Irene 3 Light Kitchen Island Pendant
Nuevo Living

Firefly Rectangular Design Kitchen Island Pendant Light

Crystal Linear 9 Light Pendant for Kitchen Island
Crystal Linear 9 Light Kitchen Island Pendant

Florian Pendant with 5 Lights for Kitchen Island
Florian 5 Light Kitchen Island Pendant

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