Red Area Rug For Living Room

ed area rug for living roomA red area rug for the living room commands attention.

It’s a fiery piece of art.

Sure, area rugs tie together a room’s color scheme. They anchor furniture and pull together the many different elements in the room making it more cohesive.

But red is a magnet that pulls the eye. It’s bold and instantly adds a pop of brightness to a room.

If your room’s color scheme is pale, a red rug will give it life.

You can tone the boldness of red if it’s too much by choosing a design with neutral colors like ivory or beige.

You know that area rugs provide warmth, comfort and safety more than your bare flooring.

Have you had the desire to kick off your shoes when you get home after a stressful day, and wanting just to feel the warmth and softness of a rug or carpet?

I always do.

At home, I love stepping or walking on a comfy rug whenever I can.

Here’s a selection of red area rugs that are striking and gorgeous. Any one will immediately grab the attention of your guests.

Area Rug in Red for Living Room
Brio Collection Cherry Blossom Area Rug in Red design by Jaipur

Abstract Area Rug for Living Room (Red)
Royalty Interlocking Abstract Area Rug (Red)

Area Rug For Living Room in Red & Black
Antara Collection Hand-Tufted Area Rug in Red & Black design by Chandra rugs

Modern Check Living Room Area Rug (Red)
Catalina Modern Check Area Rug (Red)

Foundation Red Area Rug
Foundation Rug in Red design by BD Fine

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