Round Decorative Wall Mirrors

round decorative wall mirrorsI can’t have enough of round decorative wall mirrors that I found. They are so fabulous.

I have this thing with glass, mirrors and crystals. I just dig them. I love how they glow and the way they reflect light. In fact, one of my dreams is to have a collection of Swarovskis, Laliques and Baccarats and to live in a glass house.

I have one Lalique, the collection is still a dream.

When I visited a good friend recently, she mentioned that she can’t decide whether to hang a decorative wall mirror or a framed photo above her new console table. I think that a beautiful wall mirror is spot on.

She knows I love mirrors. So, she asked me for recommendations.

See what I found for her. Any of these five stunning pieces will light up that spot in my friend’s house.



Round Decorative Cobalt Blue Wall Mirror
Howard Elliott Kaleidoscope Cobalt Blue Mirror

Davenport Round Decorative Mirror
Davenport Mirror design by Cyan Design

Kobe Decorative Wall Mirror
Kobe Mirror design by Cyan Design

Mother of pearl decorative round wall mirror

Akahanga Decorative Round Wall Mirror
Akahanga Wall Mirror design by Lazy Susan

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