White 3-Drawer Chest

white 3-drawer chest of drawersA white 3-drawer chest is the just right storage option for most rooms. It has ample space and is easy to match with any decor and design.

Compared to the various shades of brown which is warm, white is clean, crisp and bright.

A chest of drawers is one of the most versatile piece of furniture for your home. While it is often seen in the bedroom, you can use it in any room in your house where you need storage or a surface to lay things on.

In the bedroom, it holds smaller pieces of clothing. You can use a smaller piece as a nightstand. Some bedrooms have a set with different sizes for different purposes — a dresser, a storage for clothing and a nightstand.

A small chest with 3 drawers is perfect as an end table in your living room to hold items you don’t want lying on the couch. You can place a few decors like flowers on top.

A wide low chest can replace a sideboard. The top can be used for serving and the drawers to store napkins, placemats, table linens, silverwares and anything else you want.

Don’t forget that it is very useful for organizing all your child’s stuff. Drawers are perfect for keeping books, art supplies, toys, clothes and gadgets off the floor.

Put one in the bathroom to store towels, bathrobes, toilet papers and other supplies.

Whilst being utilitarian, it serves as a decorative piece that you can match with any theme you choose for your room.

That is why color is important. White is great with dark backgrounds and other dark items. You will often find white in a minimalist vibe and in combination with black for that classic timeless look.

Below we have rounded up six different designs from plain white chests to accented ones considering different design requirement. Size and capacity is important. Included in this selection are small pieces and the popular mid-sized chests.

First in the line-up is the gorgeous brass accented Chiba bedside chest. It is made of solid mahogany, finished with several layers of lacquer and features soft-close drawers

Polished brass corner accents and handles break the all white finish. You can match it with some brass decors or even brown sheets or wood accents.

The Chiba measures 28 inches wide, 27.5 inches high and 18 inches deep.

Chiba Bedside 3-Drawer Chest in White Lacquer
Chiba Bedside Chest in White Lacquer Design

The Brigitte model includes a small bedside chest and a large cabinet. You can choose either one or get both if you want matching furniture.

It is made of hardwood with a lacquer finish. Undulating curved front gives it charm. Drawer pulls are made of chrome.

The Brigitte bedside chest is 28 inches tall, 29 inches wide and 16 inches deep. Big Brigitte is 43 inches wide, 32 inches tall and 20 inches deep.

Brigitte 3-Drawer Bedside Chest in White by Bungalow 5
Brigitte Side Cabinet in White by Bungalow 5

Brigitte Large white 3-drawer Cabinet by Bungalow 5
Brigitte Large Cabinet in White by Bungalow 5

The Isabella is a large chest. Gracefully curved drawers set it apart from the common linear design you often see in chests.

Lacquered raffia finish adds texture to the look.

Its drawers vary in height with the tallest being 5.75 inches and the shortest is 4.75 inches. Overall dimensions is 40 inches across, 32 inches high and 20 inches deep.

Want a handsome dresser? Pair the Isabella with a stylish mirror.

Isabella Large 3 Drawer chest of drawers in White
Bungalow 5 Isabella Large 3 Drawer in White

The modern Hudson is made of wood and metal. Square silver metallic drawer pulls provides a retro look and long sexy tapered legs adds to its allure.

On top is a beveled mirror inset which reflects the beauty of decors on display.

White Lacquer and Silver Leaf 3-drawer Chest
Hudson White Lacquer and Silver Leaf Chest

The largest item in this collection is the Bergamo. It exudes a contemporary charm with its straight edges, lines and angles.

It has a lacquered exterior, square chrome pulls and stained interiors.

The Bergamo stands 34 inches tall, and measures 44.5 inches wide and 18.5 inches deep. Drawer depth is 14.75 inches.

3-Drawer White chest
Bungalow 5 Bergamo 3-Drawer Medium in White

Whatever your storage and design requirements are there is a white chest of drawers for you.

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